Vermouth & Specialties



Visual Exam
Pale straw color.

Olfactory Exam
Particularly delicate taste and intense, the result of sophisticated encounter of the extract obtained by maceration of herbs and spices in alcoholic solution with a wine.

Taste Exam
Dry and delicate taste with a pleasantly bitter and persistent aftertaste.

Primary Ingredients
Preferably young wines and specific herbs.

Production Process
The production process is divided into three phases. Initially a very delicate wine is chosen, in order to ensure a smooth union with the natural extracts of herbs and spices that will then be mixed with it. Then the herbs are processed. These herbs are in part well-known, and in part derived from exotic varieties, the essences of which are extracted to a liquid containing around 30° alcohol content, which contains their active ingredients. Finally the process ends when the fortified wine, sugar and herb extracts are mixed together and filtered before being refined in a tank. At the end of the manufacturing process, the product is evaluated and then bottled.

Alcohol Content
18% vol.

An exceptional pre-dinner, refined long drink particularly suited when used to prepare dry cocktails, and excellent when served straight with a squeeze of lemon or an olive.

Service Temperature