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AMERICANO Aperitivo Italiano

AMERICANO Aperitivo Italiano

Visual Exam
Ruby red color.

Olfactory Exam
Intensely aromatic and spicy.

Taste Exam
Fresh and slightly bitter taste.

Primary Ingredients
Based on young white wines and a unique selection of herbs.

Production Process
The production process is divided into three phases: 1) Choice of the neutral wines that can be better mixed with the selection of herbs and spices. 2) The herbs, some local (woodworm, cerea, sweet and bitter orange) and some exotic (cinnamon, sandalwood, cloves...), are chosen and mixed to obtain a liquid with an alcohol content of 86°F. 3) This liquid is then mixed to the wine together with sugar and extracts, filtered and refined in tanks. After this last step, the product is tasted and bottled.

Alcohol Content
14,5% vol.

Ideal before meals and in all occasions as an aperitif with a bitter taste. It can be served with the addition of ice or mixed with soda or sparkling wine to create fabulous cocktails.

Service Temperature