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18 Mesi Metodo Classico ROSÉ

18 Mesi Metodo Classico ROSÉ

Exciting pink bubbles. Rosé classic method without the addition of the expedition liqueur to limit the sugar content and create bubbles with extraordinary qualities of elegance and harmony, perfectly matched to the whole meal. A historic product that Carlo Gancia, since its foundation in the mid-nineteenth century, has made wine from Pinot Nero grapes with vats imported from Champagne.

Visual exam
Pink,clear and transparent with orange reflections. The perlage is soft, fine and persistent.

Olfactory examination
The scent is broad, enveloping, with hints of rose reminiscent of red grapes, cherries, fresh yeasts and bread crust.

Taste exam
The taste is dry, fruity, with good structure. On the palate it is full, with good intensity, the aftertaste is long and persistent, proposes floral and red berry fruits such as prunes and blackberries.

Pinot nero in purity.

Production Area
Selected vineyards in the heart of the Oltrepò Pavese and Piedmont area

As soon as the grapes arrive in the cellar in small baskets, the grapes are de-stemmed and left to macerate for a few hours on the skins in order to obtain a light pink color. The decanted must is then fermented with yeasts selected by Casa Gancia at a temperature of about 18 ° C.

Sparkling method
It is the Classic Traditional Method, with a fermentation duration of about 40 days in the bottle and subsequent rest in the cellar for 18 months.

Aging on natural yeasts for a minimum of 18 months in controlled temperature Gancia cellars.



Ideal for refined aperitifs, fish appetizers and delicate dishes. Excellent after a meal.

Service temperature
8-10 ° C


The ideal cellar for storing wine must have a temperature between 11-15 ° C, there should be no temperature changes. Low power and never neon lighting. Humidity around 65-70%. Avoid storing other foods with intense and penetrating flavors and aromas.